About Jason Cohen Pittsburgh

An established real estate investor in the Pittsburgh area, Jason Cohen Pittsburgh has turned rundown multifamily housing into high-end rental properties in the city’s most desired neighborhoods.

Jason has come a long way since his investing infancy. He began by investing in cheap, blighted real estate in otherwise attractive areas of Pittsburgh. With minimal funds, he made minimal repairs. But by using each modest profit into another property, he was able to enhance the restorations with each gain. How he buys real estate in the city's hottest neighborhoods and performs extensive renovations. Like any other investment, it is what you put into it. And more resources have enabled Jason to make more out of every property.

Jason is a third-generation real estate investor with a bachelors degree in finance and a minor in international business from the University of Texas. He has an Associate Broker license with  the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission. His education and commitment to research enable him to make educated, profitable investments in the Pittsburgh real estate market and beyond.

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